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Scientific electronic journal “Philosophy. History. Education” has been published since 2021. It is a scientific electronic periodical designed to reflect the current state of the humanities, its achievements and innovations and to determine the prospects for the development of humanities in the field of philosophy, history and pedagogy. The interdisciplinary nature of the journal is intended to unite the scientific interests and achievements of humanitarian researchers within the framework of a scientific publication platform, to stimulate the exchange of experience and the development of humanitarian science.


Research Topics covered in the journal include:

- historical research;

- philosophical research;

- research in the field of pedagogy and education;

- research in the field of culture, language, communications;

- regional studies.


Scientific specialties:

09.00.11 Social Philosophy;

07.00.02 National History;

13.00.08 Theory and methodology of professional education.


Rubrics of the journal:





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Languages of the journal (publication is carried out in the original language, the elements of the abstracts are duplicated in the second language: Russian, English).


Ethics of the journal:

The accepted ethics of the journal complies with the norms and rules of leading and international publishers; all authors, submitting materials to the Editorial Board for publication, agree to follow them. The publisher maintains a neutral position on the issues published in the journal.

1) Original, previously unpublished and not in the process of publication in other scientific publications scientific articles are accepted for publication.

2) Materials are sent by the authors themselves to the editorial office by filling out electronic forms on the journal’s website / in the personal account or sent by e-mail:

3) All articles submitted to the editorial office are subject to mandatory anonymous review. Experts of the highest level are involved in reviewing articles.

4) The editorial board guarantees the confidentiality of the materials sent by the authors for publication in the journal before the issue is published.

5) Decisions on the publication or rejection of an article are based solely on its scientific value, originality and compliance of the content with the subject of the journal. In case of rejection of the materials, a reasoned refusal is sent to the author.

6) Plagiarism, falsification, forgery of the text, excessive self-citation, borrowing, duplication of previously published material are considered unacceptable actions of the author. In case of detection of such phenomena at any stage of publication leads to the withdrawal of the article.

7) Publication in the electronic scientific journal “Philosophy. History. Education” is free for all authors, regardless of academic degree, academic title and position. The authors retain the copyright and publication rights without restrictions.

8) The materials of the publications are in the public domain, available to users for free. Users can read, download, copy, distribute, and print the full texts of the journal articles by reference without prior permission from the publisher and the author for informational, scientific, educational or cultural purposes, subject to mandatory indication of the author and source (Articles 1273, 1274, 1286 Part IV of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation).

9) The Editorial Board of the journal has the right not to enter into correspondence with the authors. Manuscripts sent to the editorial office are not commented on and are not returned.

10) The Editorial Board has the right to request explanations and corrections from the authors in the process of preparing the material for publication.


Conflicts of interests

All participants in the publication process (Author, Editor-in-Chief, members of the Editorial Board, Reviewers) must notify about the conflict of interests that has arisen.

The Editorial Board publishes such information if it believes that this may have an impact on the evaluation of the manuscript, or takes other measures to resolve the situation.



Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education “Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation”.



Federal State Educational Institution of Higher Education “Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation”.



Scientific electronic journal “Philosophy. History. Education” is published 4 times a year.