Philosophy. History. Education


Editor-in-Chief – Igor N. Shapkin, Doctor of Economics, Professor of the Department of Humanities, Scientific Director of the Department of Humanities of the Financial University.


Congratulations on the release of the new scientific journal of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation – “PHILOSOPHY. HISTORY. EDUCATION”.

This publication is an electronic journal of the Department of Humanities of the Financial University. According to the organizers of the journal, its mission is to support research work based on the latest achievements and results in the declared scientific areas, and their popularization.

The journal is created in order to familiarize the general scientific community with the results of the research work of experienced researchers and young scientists on the most significant and relevant problems in the field of social sciences, primarily philosophy, history and pedagogy. The journal is open for the publication of articles, analytical reports, notes and various other materials by researchers of domestic and foreign universities and research institutes on this issue.

The central task of the journal is to coordinate scientific research work in the field of humanities, regardless of position, location and status, organization of joint research projects on the most popular scientific issues.

Of course, the journal will also attract the scientific works of young researchers - graduate students, undergraduates, students. The organizers of the journal see their most important task in arousing the interest of young people in research activities. We are deeply convinced that it is important to popularize science and the results of scientific work of researchers among young people.

The journal should become a platform for discussions on the most significant problems of the past and present. On the pages of the publication, the authors will have an opportunity to express their point of view, to give their own assessment of events, phenomena, processes, relying, of course, on scientific data, information and results of the activities of their predecessors.

Today, therefore, future authors of this journal have a real opportunity to acquaint their colleagues and interested parties with the results of their research work. The formation of the structure and headings of the journal is in the process of forming, so we would be grateful to anyone who finds it possible to give their thoughts and suggestions on all issues related to its future.

The Editorial Board of the journal hopes for cooperation that can be interesting, productive and useful for all participants of this project.

Dear colleagues, congratulations once again on the start of the journal!

We wish you creative success and new scientific achievements!