Philosophy. History. Education

Voskresenskaya N. Historical science and historical education in the digital revolution: new opportunities and limitations // Philosophy. History. Education. №3 (5), 2022

№3 (5), 2022



Historical science and historical education in the digital revolution: new opportunities and limitations

Nina O.
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Ph.D.,
Key words:
universal (big) history, interdisciplinary approach, artificial intelligence, digital technologies
Summary: The article analyzes current trends in the development of historical science and historical education and possible ways of their transformation in the near future. The working hypothesis is that within five to ten years, these basic institutional elements of modern society will be radically transformed; the key factor in their transformation is the digital revolution. It is emphasized that historical science and historical education perform functions of exceptional importance in the life of society and the state, therefore, fundamental shifts in these areas will inevitably affect all other aspects of human life. Hence, the necessity and enduring relevance of the study of historical science and history education is obvious; when analyzing, it is necessary to take into account their interdependence and mutual influence. The article shows that progress in these areas is impossible without effective methods of analysis and methodological guidelines; the search for new research tools is a prerequisite for their progressive development; a new approach to the history of mankind in the context of a universal (big) history can significantly advance our vision of patterns and randomness in the development of society; the expansion of research and educational content inevitably strengthens the interdisciplinary ties of history with other sciences and presupposes the use of their analytical apparatus. It is concluded that in the near future the influence of historical science and historical education on society will significantly increase due to the use of digital technologies and artificial intelligence in these areas, which opens up fundamentally new opportunities. It is noted that the active implementation of the latest achievements of the digital revolution is provided for by the development strategy of Russia and fully meets its national interests.
Is received: 30 september 2022 year
Is passed for the press: 05 october 2022 year

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