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Kryuchkova S. The theory of argumentation: in search universal regulation // Philosophy. History. Education. №3 (5), 2022

№3 (5), 2022



The theory of argumentation: in search universal regulation

Svetlana E.
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation,,
Key words:
argumentation theory, persuasion, justification, informal logic, pragmadialectics, cognitive approach, content-dynamic approach, phenomenology, "philosophy of dialogue"
Summary: The article by S.E. Kryuchkova "Theory of argumentation: in search of universal normativity" discusses the main approaches to the construction of the theory of argumentation that have developed in Western and Russian scientific literature by the beginning of the 21st century. It is shown that their difference is due to which of the components of the argumentative discourse (logical, rhetorical, communicative-pragmatic, cognitive, psychological, linguistic, etc.) their creators focused on. It is shown that all models (although to varying degrees), on the one hand, contain invariant normative components, and on the other hand, are determined by specific cognitive experience and social context. A comparative analysis of the methodological attitudes of informal logic and pragmadialectics is carried out, a conclusion is drawn about their attraction to an increasingly strong normativity, which is why they abstract from the need to take into account the role of the subject in the argumentation, the appeal to which is characteristic of the cognitive approach. The advantages of the content-dynamic approach to the construction of argumentation theory are substantiated, stemming from its orientation to the implementation of such a normative requirement of persuasive communication as targeting. The content-dynamic approach focuses on the subject and assumes as a precondition the construction by the argumentator of the image of the "mental field" of the recipient subject. The author sees the prospects for further development of this approach in the appeal to the methodological guidelines of phenomenology, which allow for the diagnosis of "alien consciousnesses" and the concept of the Other, developed by representatives of such a trend as the "philosophy of dialogue".
Is received: 19 september 2022 year
Is passed for the press: 05 october 2022 year

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