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Teterin P. The prerequisites for the U.S. Civil War and the emergence of civil society // Philosophy. History. Education. №3 (5), 2022

№3 (5), 2022


The prerequisites for the U.S. Civil War and the emergence of civil society

Pavel V.
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation, Ph.D.,
Key words:
Civil War, causes, USA, South, North, conflict, civil society
Summary: In the article, the author examines various causes of the Civil War in the United States (1861-1865). The economic causes of the conflict were: the difference in the methods of production and operation of the means of production; tax and customs policy; the formation of the federal budget; the seizure of land in the Middle and far West, violation of the Missouri Promise. Among the political reasons, the author highlights: the struggle of southerners, supporters of the confederation (strengthening the power of the regions) with northerners, supporters of the federation (strengthening power in the center); the struggle for power between the elites of American society; the formation of a new two–party system; abolitionism as the ideology of the North, and its information weapon - the novel by G. Beecher Stowe "Uncle Tom's Cabin". The article also notes the religious and psychological reason, which consists in the confrontation of traditionalist Catholics (Southerners) with Protestants and liberals (Northerners). Summing up the results of the American Civil War, the author pays special attention to the lack of conditions for the formation of American civil society: the abolition of the system of slavery, which became a mere formality; the deterioration of the situation of the black population in the postwar years; the persistence of racial segregation in the country until the 1960s; the dominance of oligarch planters in the South; the existence of the Ku Klux Klan and the policy of terror directed against the colored population; the lack of guarantees of civil rights and freedoms in the southern states. In conclusion, the article presents the author's conclusions about the most important causes and outcomes of the Civil War in the United States. The article examines not only objective, but also subjective factors: personalities, the American elite, political parties, movements, classes, etc. The topic remains debatable and requires additional consideration, further in-depth historical and historiographical research.
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