Philosophy. History. Education

Issue №2 (4), 2022.


Denikin A. V., Denikina Z. D.Philosophical foundations of modern meta-management
Displays: 304; Downloads: 652;
Zamaraeva E. I.Eurasian project: forecasts and warnings
Displays: 254; Downloads: 513;
Shevchenko O. V., Buzhor E. S.On the mechanism of continuity of spiritual traditions of Russian society and the army
Displays: 285; Downloads: 510;


Dolgova A. V.“Fashion magazines” in the everyday life of St. Petersburg young ladies in the second half of the 19th century
Displays: 326; Downloads: 547;
Ermasov E. V.The status of Russia in the system of European states at the end of the XVII - first quarter of the XVIII century: to the 300th anniversary of the formation of the Russian Empire
Displays: 259; Downloads: 639;
Rudneva S. E.“Cooperative plan” by A.V. Chayanov
Displays: 235; Downloads: 713;
Fadeev M. K.Party and political forces of Russia in 1917
Displays: 314; Downloads: 461;


Orekhovskaya N. A., Kabakhidze E. L.Internalization of education: new perspectives offered by the global world
Displays: 353; Downloads: 586;