Philosophy. History. Education

Issue №3 (5), 2022.

Editor-in-chief page

Shapkin I. N.Word from the Editor-in-Chief
Displays: 192; Downloads: 295;

Review of research results

Svintsova M. N.Historical continuity of the spiritual experience of generations in modern Russian society. Review of the results of research work
Displays: 198; Downloads: 268;


Kryuchkova S. E.The theory of argumentation: in search universal regulation
Displays: 241; Downloads: 386;
Makhamatov T. M.The foundations of the crisis of the West and the stability of the East
Displays: 211; Downloads: 281;


Panov E. G.Fiscals and emperors as a paradox in the history of taxation
Displays: 233; Downloads: 323;
Svintsova M. N.Blood service in the Soviet Union during the Great Patriotic War (on the example of the functioning of the Kirov regional blood transfusion station)
Displays: 164; Downloads: 311;
Teterin P. V.The prerequisites for the U.S. Civil War and the emergence of civil society
Displays: 213; Downloads: 236;


Voskresenskaya N. O.Historical science and historical education in the digital revolution: new opportunities and limitations
Displays: 183; Downloads: 317;
Zamaraeva E. I.The nature of social conflicts in the educational environment
Displays: 187; Downloads: 310;