Philosophy. History. Education

Issue №4 (6), 2022.


Gubanov N. N.On the possibility of developing a synthetic theory of truth
Displays: 230; Downloads: 212;
Ioseliani A. D.Metaphilosophical discourse. Part 1. Concept analysis: philosophy of philosophy or metaphilosophy?!
Displays: 217; Downloads: 168;
Makhamatov T. M.Problems of existence in the classroom space
Displays: 180; Downloads: 202;
Omarova L. B.Philosophical analysis of the essence of language
Displays: 365; Downloads: 198;
Shevchenko O. V., Buzhor E. S.Evolution of philosophical and world view representations about human, nature and their interrelation
Displays: 150; Downloads: 173;


Baklanov V. I.Updated formational theory and post-industrial concept of post-capitalism/communism
Displays: 146; Downloads: 179;
Gorban A. A.I. Kh. Ozerov
Displays: 153; Downloads: 179;
Korobitsyna L. V.The Second World War in the museum space: the experience of digitalization in Russia and Britain
Displays: 157; Downloads: 160;


Zvonova E. E.The problem of constructing image of a scientist in connection with educational requests: theoretical analysis
Displays: 195; Downloads: 175;